Saturday, September 16
Barrio Manouche is an latin acoustic San Francisco-based international dance band with elements of gypsy jazz and sizzling flamenco BARRIO MANOUCHE:

Founded by the Spanish guitarist and composer Javi Jiménez, the group consists of a singular musical body that combines the instrumentation and signature of Jazz Manouche, Modern Jazz, Flamenco and Latin-American rhythms.

Based in San Francisco, CA the acoustic ensemble performs a repertoire of original compositions with an emotionally charged sound that is difficult to classify but instantly recognizable.

Barrio’s international roots shine brightly in their music with members from Spain, Quebec, Colombia, France, Brazil and the United States. They are deeply influenced by a wide range of musical traditions, and this is how the group’s unique sound is born. Barrio Manouche provides a tremendous live experience and transports its audience on a magical journey, with a unique fusion of cultures and musical landscapes... an auditory and visual feast like no other.

“Barrio Manouche makes magical acoustic music mashed together from all corners of the globe — a new form of Americana, if you will, where flamenco guitar drifts above Brazilian beats, clashing with Gypsy-jazz melodies. It could very well qualify as Americana in another decade or two. Or maybe its rich, gorgeous blend of acoustic Latin-French jazz will always remain distinctly Barrio Manouche.” - Aaron Carnes

Javi Jiménez - Guitar and Vocals
Ross Howe - Guitar
Cyril Guiraud - Saxophones & Caxixi
Magali Sanscartier - Violin, Vocals & Percussions
Luis Jiménez - Cajón & Percussions
Ivan Rondon - Bongos, Vocals & Flute
Gary Johnson - Upright & Electric Bass
Fanny Ara - Dance, Palmas, Castanets & Vocals

AGES: 21+